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Relaxing with essential oils

Complete relaxation massage employing deep or gentle, quick or slow strokes to help re-establish inner calm.

› 50 minutes | € 45

Relaxing with candles

Warm relaxation! A massage that blends the warmth of oil with the fragrance of cocoa, honey or grapes … a unique sensation that generates profound relaxation.

› 50 minutes | € 50


Holiday-time is ideal for some self-pampering. This massage using gentle, subtle strokes  relieves stress and instils wellbeing.

› 50 minutes | € 45

Energising with wellness brushes

Brushing is a style of massage that rejuvenates, dispels stress, relaxes the entire body and boosts overall vitality. Brushing additionally stimulates sweating and is an excellent anti-cellulite treatment while also eliminating stagnant toxins.

› 45 minutes | € 35

Lymphatic drainage

This drains off excess fluids, eliminates toxins and stimulates circulatory system. A lymphatic drainage massage guarantees a sensation of lightness and overall wellbeing. We recommend at least 3 sessions.

› 50 minutes | € 45

Sports massage

A vigorous massage with an acutely effect on the muscles. Before exercising enhances performance; after exercising helps tone up muscles.

› 50 minutes | € 45

Ayurveda “abhyanga”

A massage using pleasantly heated precious plant-based oils. Alleviates tension, relaxes and strengthens the immune system.

› 75 minutes | € 60

Hot stones

This ancient massage technique employs volcanic stones from the core of nature. The massage unlocks muscle spasm and reactivates meridian energy.  Leaves a sensation of lightness and wellbeing.

› 50 minutes | € 45

Deep massage on back and legs

A massage that fosters lengthening of the back muscles, also improves posture.

› 30 minutes | € 35

Legs and buttocks

Extremely effective functional massage, helps alleviate feeling of heavy  legs and tones up the buttocks.  When carried out vigorously, helps loosen muscles.

› 30 minutes | € 35


Carried out using rhythmic strokes in the direction of the lymph system and promotes drainage. We recommend combining this with a hay dust mask. .

› 30 minutes | € 35

Alleviation of tired legs using “warm bolus bags with hay"

After exercising, experience the sensation of lightness and relief  thanks to our soothing brushing and hot hay massage!

› 45 minutes | € 40

Hot hay sack for kidneys or cervical muscle

This massage soothes the kidneys and eases neck pain. Successive  application of a hot herb-filled sack  aids the loosening of contracted  muscles  and dispels tension.

› 45 minutes | € 40


This massage is particularly relaxing and  effective. As our facial muscles are connected to our  emotional state it has positive effects both beauty-wise and on the mood. By easing the muscles and relieving spasms so too are the corresponding feelings of emotion and tension, thereby putting us in a more positive and open frame of mind.

› 30 minutes | € 35

Foot reflexology

A massage that can treat any distressed part of the body without directly touching the painful spot.

› 45 minutes | € 40

Gentle hands and feet

The wealth of active ingredients contained in wild herbs from the plateau region of  Asiago make the joints more flexible, providing relief and ease. It is an excellent remedy for hands and feet that are permanently cold.

› 30 minutes | € 22

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