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A la carte menu

Our culinary delights

Combined with top quality ingredients, our chef prefers to use seasonal ingredients and to revise traditional recipes, thus bringing out the best individual flavours.

The resulting dishes on our menu offer you the chance to sample the finest local and international culinary delights.


  • A wide selection of salads, crudités and some homemade starters
  • Our cheese board, fresh fruit and fruit salad


    Mountain marinated and smoked trout, with horseradish butter crouton

    Duck roast-beef, red fruit chutney, little shoots

    Tempura-fried pumpkin blossom with Fontina cheese

    Poached egg, truffle flavoured local potatoes cream and Pecorino flakes

    Local beef carpaccio served with crunchy vegetables with cress 

    Sliced local cured meats; moccetta dried meat, rosa d’Aosta, Arnad lard with chestnut, honey, boudins and sausages 

        Main dishes

          Lemon-butter tagliatelle pasta, lightly smoked trout tartare

          Roasted aubergines filled ravioli, fresh tomato sauce and basil

          Spinach and nettles potatoes dumplings, Parmesan cream and crunchy ham

          Spaghetti with tomato sauce, Bolognaise or pesto sauce

          Fresh vegetable soup

          Cereals and legumes soup, wholemeal lard crouton

          Courgette blossoms risotto, fresh pasture cheese

          Aosta Valley style short pasta (cream sauce, tomatoes, ham, melted Fontina cheese, parsley)

          Gran Paradiso soup (cream of leeks, fondue and Whole-wheat croutons)

          Aosta Valley style polenta 

          Crêpes au gratin with ham and Fontina

            Main courses

               Potato roesti with buffalo mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and olives

              Quinoa and little vegetables burger, yogurt and mustard sauce, soya drops 

               Guinea fowl roll stuffed with lard, plums and dried fruit

               Roasted veal shin, brased with Gamay wine stock 

              Tender grilled veal steack with fried potatoes

              Ten-hour gently cooked pork

              Thinly sliced beef fillet, rocket, Parmesan flakes, Pachino tomatoes and balsamic vinegar

              Gently cooked cod fresh fillet, peas and wasabi cream, dark olives crumble

              Pan cooked sirloin steak in a butter marinade

               Aosta Valley style veal escalope

               Beef Civet with polenta


                   Spices and ginger marinated pineapple carpaccio, green apple sorbet

                  Crema di Cogne (local dessert cream) with “tegole” (wafer-thin biscuits)

                   Little revisited fruit tart with its reduction sauce

                   Black cherries and meringue semifreddo with its reduction sauce

                  Tiramisù served in a glass with chocolate ganache

                  Molten dark chocolate cake, coconut purée

                  Ice-cream of the day

                   Fresh fruit salad

                    Children’s meals

                      Short macaroni with Bolognese or tomato sauce or pesto

                      Tortellini with ham and cream

                      Cream of vegetable soup

                      Fried potato Chips

                      Small veal escalope with fried potatoes

                      Small breaded chicken escalope

                      Sliced ham

                      Grilled hamburger with potato chips and sauces

                        Lunch for our guests

                        • Lunch supplement | € 25
                        • Children under 6 | € 12
                          Please book at breakfast time

                        Dining room serving times

                        • Breakfast:8.00 - 10.00
                        • Lunch:12.30 - 13.30
                        • Supper: 19.30 - 21.15

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