Leisure activities

in hotel

Guests staying at Hotel La Madonnina
become part of the family.

Get a free massage. Give yourself a moment of relaxation to relax the body and rebalance the mind.

Why choose
the Aosta Valley
for your holidays?

Because here nature is unspoilt and protected so open air activities are the most natural thing in the world; because you can explore Gran Paradiso and Mont Avic National Parks; because it is encircled by Alpine Giants:

Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso; because its wealth of historical and cultural heritage ranges from Roman Aosta to the medieval castles, from Bard Fortress to the numerous exhibitions and events organised throughout the region; because here traditions are jealously safeguarded and yet visitors are generously invited to participate, experience and appreciate local life.

The Aosta Valley is all this and much more!

What has the Aosta Valley

to offer in summer
and winter

During the summer there are outdoor barbecues serving local meat accompanied by polenta cooked slowly in the traditional pan known as “paiolo”.

In winter, warmly wrapped in a scarf and hat, it’s common practice to sip a glass of génépy together under the starlit sky. At the hotel there’s one snowboard and two ski instructors from Cogne Ski School who will happily advise you on outdoor pursuits.